The Route

Here’s where I’m going to be, and when I’m going to be there this summer – let me know if we’ll overlap!

Ride Against AIDS 2013 Route


Friday 6/21/2013 Santa Rosa, CA

Saturday 6/22/2013 Davis, CA

Sunday 6/23/2013 Pollock Pines, CA

Monday 6/24/2013 South Lake Tahoe, CA

Tuesday 6/25/2013 Fallon, NV

Wednesday 6/26/2013 Fallon, NV (REST DAY)

Thursday 6/27/2013 Austin, NV

Friday 6/28/2013 Eureka, NV

Saturday 6/29/2013 Ely, NV

Sunday 6/30/2013 Border Inn, UT

Monday 7/1/2013 Delta, UT

Tuesday 7/2/2013 Provo, UT

Wednesday 7/3/2013 Provo, UT (REST DAY)

Thursday 7/4/2013 Strawberry, UT

Friday 7/5/2013 Roosevelt, CO

Saturday 7/6/2013 Dinosaur, CO

Sunday 7/7/2013 Meeker, CO

Monday 7/8/2013 Glenwood Springs, CO

Tuesday 7/9/2013 Edwards, CO

Wednesday 7/10/2013 Edwards, CO (REST DAY, to be confirmed)

Thursday 7/11/2013 Silverthorne, CO

Friday 7/12/2013 Silverthorne, CO

Saturday 7/13/2013 Denver, CO

Sunday 7/14/2013 Fort Morgan, CO

Monday 7/15/2013 Sterling, CO

Tuesday 7/16/2013 Ogallala, NE

Wednesday 7/17/2013 North Platte, NE

Thursday 7/18/2013 Lexington, NE

Friday 7/19/2013 Grand Island, NE

Saturday 7/20/2013 Lincoln, NE

Sunday 7/21/2013 Lincoln, NE (REST DAY)

Monday 7/22/2013 Council Bluffs, IA

Tuesday 7/23/2013 Atlantic, IA

Wednesday 7/24/2013 Des Moines, IA

Thursday 7/25/2013 Grinnell, IA

Friday 7/26/2013 Iowa City, IA

Saturday 7/27/2013 Bettendorf, IA

Sunday 7/28/2013 Bettendorf, IA (REST DAY)

Monday 7/29/2013 Sterling, IL

Tuesday 7/30/2013 Sycamore, IL

Wednesday 7/31/2013 Chicago, IL

Thursday 8/1/2013 Chicago, IL (REST DAY)

Friday 8/2/2013 Goshen, IN

Saturday 8/3/2013 Bryan, OH

Sunday 8/4/2013 Toledo, OH

Monday 8/5/2013 Sandusky, OH

Tuesday 8/6/2013 Cleveland, OH

Wednesday 8/7/2013 Cleveland, OH (REST DAY)

Thursday 8/8/2013 Grove City, PA

Friday 8/9/2013 Brookville, PA

Saturday 8/10/2013 State College, PA

Sunday 8/11/2013 State College, PA (REST DAY)

Monday 8/12/2013 Danville, PA

Tuesday 8/13/2013 Stoudsburg, PA

Wednesday 8/14/2013 Warwick, NY

Thursday 8/15/2013 Haverstraw, NY

Friday 8/16/2013 Greenwich/ NYC

Saturday 8/17/2013 Greenwich/ NYC (REST DAY)

Sunday 8/18/2013 Greenwich/ NYC (REST DAY)

Monday 8/19/2013 Shelton, CT

Tuesday 8/20/2013 Madison, CT

Wednesday 8/21/2013 (North of?) Providence, RI

Thursday 8/22/2013 Boston (FINI!), MA

Friday 8/23/2013 Boston

Saturday 8/24/2013 Boston


Giaca Flacka Flame and the Space Program

Giaco Corsiglia (in the white) and Nasa Enkhbold (in the blue) are two Amherst College rising juniors who are biking together from NYC to San Francisco this summer. They’re pretty cool, and Amherst College photographer Rob Mattson took a pretty awesome picture of us three the other day. Keep your eyes peeled for an article about their trip, as well as mine, on the website.Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 4.59.53 PM