The Route

Here’s where I’m going to be, and when I’m going to be there this summer – let me know if we’ll overlap!

Ride Against AIDS 2013 Route


Friday 6/21/2013 Santa Rosa, CA

Saturday 6/22/2013 Davis, CA

Sunday 6/23/2013 Pollock Pines, CA

Monday 6/24/2013 South Lake Tahoe, CA

Tuesday 6/25/2013 Fallon, NV

Wednesday 6/26/2013 Fallon, NV (REST DAY)

Thursday 6/27/2013 Austin, NV

Friday 6/28/2013 Eureka, NV

Saturday 6/29/2013 Ely, NV

Sunday 6/30/2013 Border Inn, UT

Monday 7/1/2013 Delta, UT

Tuesday 7/2/2013 Provo, UT

Wednesday 7/3/2013 Provo, UT (REST DAY)

Thursday 7/4/2013 Strawberry, UT

Friday 7/5/2013 Roosevelt, CO

Saturday 7/6/2013 Dinosaur, CO

Sunday 7/7/2013 Meeker, CO

Monday 7/8/2013 Glenwood Springs, CO

Tuesday 7/9/2013 Edwards, CO

Wednesday 7/10/2013 Edwards, CO (REST DAY, to be confirmed)

Thursday 7/11/2013 Silverthorne, CO

Friday 7/12/2013 Silverthorne, CO

Saturday 7/13/2013 Denver, CO

Sunday 7/14/2013 Fort Morgan, CO

Monday 7/15/2013 Sterling, CO

Tuesday 7/16/2013 Ogallala, NE

Wednesday 7/17/2013 North Platte, NE

Thursday 7/18/2013 Lexington, NE

Friday 7/19/2013 Grand Island, NE

Saturday 7/20/2013 Lincoln, NE

Sunday 7/21/2013 Lincoln, NE (REST DAY)

Monday 7/22/2013 Council Bluffs, IA

Tuesday 7/23/2013 Atlantic, IA

Wednesday 7/24/2013 Des Moines, IA

Thursday 7/25/2013 Grinnell, IA

Friday 7/26/2013 Iowa City, IA

Saturday 7/27/2013 Bettendorf, IA

Sunday 7/28/2013 Bettendorf, IA (REST DAY)

Monday 7/29/2013 Sterling, IL

Tuesday 7/30/2013 Sycamore, IL

Wednesday 7/31/2013 Chicago, IL

Thursday 8/1/2013 Chicago, IL (REST DAY)

Friday 8/2/2013 Goshen, IN

Saturday 8/3/2013 Bryan, OH

Sunday 8/4/2013 Toledo, OH

Monday 8/5/2013 Sandusky, OH

Tuesday 8/6/2013 Cleveland, OH

Wednesday 8/7/2013 Cleveland, OH (REST DAY)

Thursday 8/8/2013 Grove City, PA

Friday 8/9/2013 Brookville, PA

Saturday 8/10/2013 State College, PA

Sunday 8/11/2013 State College, PA (REST DAY)

Monday 8/12/2013 Danville, PA

Tuesday 8/13/2013 Stoudsburg, PA

Wednesday 8/14/2013 Warwick, NY

Thursday 8/15/2013 Haverstraw, NY

Friday 8/16/2013 Greenwich/ NYC

Saturday 8/17/2013 Greenwich/ NYC (REST DAY)

Sunday 8/18/2013 Greenwich/ NYC (REST DAY)

Monday 8/19/2013 Shelton, CT

Tuesday 8/20/2013 Madison, CT

Wednesday 8/21/2013 (North of?) Providence, RI

Thursday 8/22/2013 Boston (FINI!), MA

Friday 8/23/2013 Boston

Saturday 8/24/2013 Boston


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