Hot Off the Presses

Before I get to my post, a fun fact: I have one page view from a person that lives in Qatar. We goin’ global.

Peter Rooney, Dan Diner and the Amherst College Public Affairs Department wrote a nice piece about my trip. Its another shameless bit of self-promotion – but hey – there’s a picture of me on the front page of the Amherst College website. That doesn’t happen everyday.

If you’re so inspired, visit my donation page at

The team has raised $36,508, and we’re hoping to make it to $40,000 by the end of the week.


One thought on “Hot Off the Presses

  1. Hey — I’m a Bay Area cycling dork. I wish Armrest had put it on its website earlier. I woulda ridden out to see you all off at Ocean Beach. I’ll be in Colorado later this summer, but it looks like I will miss you again there. You don’t mesh up with my cycling schedule. Good luck! Here’s a few bucks!

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